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Innovative Water Ionizers

Alkagem cares about the water you drink & use in your home. You should care too! Access to pure clean water is the more important human need. Alkagem is a Denver, Colorado based company that sells & leases high quality alkaline water ionizer machines for your home. Our focus is on quality products and outstanding customer care. We are on a mission to educate people on the benefits of pure water for your family.

The health benefits of drinking pure ionized water are well documented. Tired of wasting money on expensive bottled water? Can’t afford the high cost of organic fruits and vegetables? You can easily remove herbicides and pesticides from food with our innovative water ionizing machines. Acidic and alkaline water is also used for cleaning and sterilization in your home. Save money and join the Alkagem pure water revolution today.

Alkagem’s alkaline ionized water machines are better than cheap imitation systems. Our state of the art machines contain ultra-hydrating properties, innovative technology, 9 filtration plates for maximum purity, internal water filters; hence our motto Drink Brilliant! You deserve pure, clean, and healthier water. Get your Alkagem system now!


Alkagem’s industry leading water ionizer machines are easy to use and converts everyday tap into pure alkaline water. Water ionizer machines are prescribed by doctors in many countries in Asia. You can get one of these amazing machines in the USA without a prescription!

With over the counter attachments and full faucet solutions available, you can transform your kitchen with ionized alkaline water. We sell and lease our machines. Call for more information.




Over 300 pollutants have been found in the average US home. A good home water filtration system is your key to better health.  Acidity is a key metric of water quality, and while the pH of H20 is 7, most US tap waters range around 4.3-5.3. Distilled white vinegar has a pH of around 2.7, so depending on where you live, what comes out of your tap could be closer to vinegar than actual water. Our alkaline water systems ensure you have the cleanest drinking water possible. 

the little things

make a big difference

Stop buying expensive bottled water. Tap and bottled water simply can’t compare to Alkagem’s ionized water. Tap water is known to contain many harmful contaminants. Bottled waters produce waste & only marginal improvement on water quality. Ionized water is mineral and oxygen rich, energizing, and clean. Our ionized water solutions filter out pollutants, convert normal water to alkaline, and can even produce water with PH levels high enough to wash pesticides from fruits and vegetables!