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Household Benefits

With a pH range of 4.0 to 11.0, Alkagem’s water ionizers produce more than just healthful drinking water. Acidic water is antimicrobial and great for cleaning and disinfecting around the home. Beauty water is therapeutic and nurturing to our skin and our houseplant friends. pH 11.0 water will thoroughly clean produce of harmful chemicals.


Super-alkaline water is great for washing produce.

Strips Pesticides

pH 11 water will effectively strip pesticides and waxes off of fruits and vegetables, without the use of harmful chemicals

Scrubs Away Filth

Tap water and scrubbing does not remove much, if any of these substances; but a 5-10 minute soak in super-alkaline water leaves a layer of filth and sludge that can be rinsed down the drain 

Even "Organic" Produce

Even “organic ” produce is covered in these substances and you might be shocked to see what is easily removed from them.


Mildly acidic water is a gentle cleaner and conditioner.

Gentle Cleaning

The slight acidity of pH 6.0 water nourishes and soothes face, body, scalp, and hair, so is great for gentle cleaning, toning, and conditioning of those areas

Healthier Plants & Pets

Houseplants and pets can benefit too; a struggling plant can quickly be brought back to life with just one or two waterings 

Exceptional Cleaner

The mild acidity also provides exceptional cleaning and polishing of glass, wood, and tile surfaces in the home.


Ionized acidic water has natural antimicrobial properties, thus can be used for disinfection of surfaces around the home and anywhere on the body where you want to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi

Fantastic Disinfectant

It will disinfect and clean countertops, cooking utensils, and handles in the kitchen: It is a natural hand sanitizer: Use it to sanitize cell phones, remotes, and water bottles. 

Natural Microbe Cleaner

On the body, use it as facial astringent, a mouthwash, a scalp treatment, a nail treatment; anywhere you want to kill microbes and naturally break down dirt and oil