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Drinking Benefits

The health benefits of ionized alkaline water have been studied and reported in the literature since the 1930s. Nothing is more important to your overall health and well-being than the water that you regularly consume. Alkagem’s ionized alkaline drinking water will have you feeling better, achieving more, sleeping better, and functioning at peak capacity.


Our ionized alkaline water is full of antioxidants to stave off disease and aging.

Prevent Cell Damage, Disease & Aging

Electrolysis leaves Alkagem water full of molecular hydrogen that acts as antioxidants, preventing cell damage, disease, and aging by neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

Antioxidant levels are measured by ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and Alkagem water has the highest negative ORP achievable

Health & Performance Benefits

Commonly used in medical and athletic settings due to its all-encompassing health and performance benefits


Ionized alkaline water hydrates more efficiently than any other waters.


Micro-clustering of the water molecules makes Alkagem water better able to permeate cell membranes, thus hydrating more efficiently

4-6 Molecules Per Cluster

4-6 molecules per cluster compared to 12-14 for bottled water, it’s like throwing a softball versus shooting a BB gun at a net; the BBs go right through

Improved Efficiency

You don’t need to consume as much water throughout the day to achieve the same level of hydration, so you can avoid the bloating that comes with guzzling gallons of water all day long


Only Alkagem water achieves a high pH while maintaining important minerals, allowing the neutralization of harmful acids in your body.

Elevated pH Through Electrolysis

Alkagem water achieves its elevated pH without the use of chemicals through the process of electrolysis

Double Filtration Process

The double filtration process first removes toxic contaminants such as chlorine, while allowing important alkaline minerals (calcium, magnesium, and potassium) to pass through 

Naturally Altered pH

These minerals are imperative to the electrolysis process and allow for the pH to be naturally altered